Brown Girl 

Brown Girl is a self portrait series in motion that explores freedom from multiple vantage points as a woman of color. I use media to explore themes of sensuality, autonomy, beauty, and finding existential peace within an otherwise oppressive reality. My visuals are interwoven with a jazz soundtrack, silent movements, intricate prose, and excerpts from revolutionary writers. 

Black of the Land and Free 

Black of the Land and Free is a collage film that showcases two years of rural travel around Barbados and the Philippines, the lands of my bi-cultural heritage. Much of this time was spent volunteering on organic farms and in marketplaces. I jump between both island locations to show how cultural memories return to me at random and eventually coalesce into a singular culture with mother nature. This art film was show in conjunction with my first solo exhibit of the same name. 

Solo Exhibit: Black of the Land and Free

A short video about my first solo show 'Black of the Land and Free’ which debuted at Arts Warehouse in Delray Beach February 2021. 


I created “Seven” for graduate course named ‘The Art of Short Documentary’ at The New School during the pandemic. I used media as a cathartic tool to examine and push through a seven year creative block around songwriting. “Seven” mixes the expression of documentary film with personal memoir and prose.  At the end of my filming process I wrote an original song named Freedom. The music in this film is my own original score in addition to curated jazz from the 1950s. 

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